Where can you fish in Périgord Noir ?

5 March 2015

Organise your fishing holiday in Périgord Noir : a very natural region, ideal for fishers !

Find a place to fish in Périgord, organise a stay… a very natural region, ideal for fishers!

 The protected and green natural environment of Le Périgord has enabled the Dordogne basin to be classed by UNESCO (during the summer of 2012), on the global network of biosphere reserves.

This seal of approval is awarded to sites which present a broad environmental richness and preserve their natural balance.


Where is to fish in rivers  ?

Numerous fishing areas are accessible from the riverbanks of the Dordogne and the Vézère, as well as many streams like the Céou, or the lakes…

See the fishing sites and courses on the Fishing Federation of Dordogne website.

Please be aware, to fish in these rivers, you will need a fishing permit.

There is more information on the National Fishing Federation website.



Where is there to fish in ponds ?

In Audrix (near Le Bugue and the Gouffre de Proumeyssac), we have at our disposal a private stretch of water which can be used, with no need to hold a fishing permit.

This fishing pond in Périgord Noir is intended for lovers of nature and peace and quiet, two criteria which attract fishers, most particularly.

Carp, perch, pike perch, roach, gudgeon, tench… are active in the main fishing pond, which stretches out over for more than 6000m², and is 2 to 6 metres deep.

A second, one-hectare fishing pond (intended for swimming during the day in peak season) is also available to fishers during the night in peak season & during the day in off-peak season.



The Regional Health Agency, which tests the water quality, has always classed our 2 ponds in the “very good water quality” category, probably thanks to the sources which supply it, and renew the water regularly.

The ponds are accessible to general visitors / fishers: see Prices and Times.

 You also have the option to stay onsite: for guest holidaymakers, access to the ponds is free and unlimited.


Fishing Holiday in the very heart of Périgord Noir

Stay on site and access the ponds 24/7

Do you want a holiday dedicated to your favourite activity? The fishing ponds are available to guests: we have accommodation close to the 2 ponds (50 metres away!), which makes it easier for you to transport your Equipment.


Night fishing for out-and-out fans :
Do you love fishing at night? No problem, access is allowed 24/7, exclusively for our guests, who can set up their lines and tent to spend a peaceful night in the company of the nocturnal wildlife.

For a Fishing weekend in Le Périgord, or a longer stay, see our accommodation list (prices, availabilities and online booking):

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