• Les Etangs du Bos snack bar's open terrace in Dordogne to enjoy the sun
  • Eat-in or takeaway snack in the Les Etangs du Bos leisure park in Périgord Noir
  • Fast food or food from the menu, dishes to take away
  • Friendly evening and meals with our guests, with Périgord-specific menus or there are others offered too
  • Family atmosphere guaranteed during evenings with its theme meals

Snack or picnic

The outside terrace of the snack bar will welcome you and offer you fast food or classic food, eat-in or takeaway on the leisure park’s picnic tables,

or quite simply an ice cream, a drink, a pastry in the shade of the parasols on the snack bar’s terrace.

The menus offered will make sure you avoid any worry in organising meals.

Let’s not forget the out-and-out fans of picnics, who can enjoy the many tables sat in the shade of the trees.

Open during peak season from 11:00am to 8:00pm

And to remain in this family and friendly atmosphere with our guests:

on Tuesday evenings, an evening planned with a Périgord menu, paella etc…

on Thursday evenings, the Olympic Games which end on the snack bar’s terrace with a lively
and friendly quiz.